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Blend system consist of blended ingredients design for specific customer’s needs. 
The main benefit are:
  1. The product provides an optimum performance since it has been designed for specific functional needs.
  2. The components has synergistic effect, therefore, has higher performance than individual single component.
  3. Improve supply chain as it reduce number of ingredients for customer and better stock inventory.
  4. Provide convenience during production processing and it reduce the handling of too many ingredients.

Their main function is to provide solutions for thickeningstabilising and gelling properties

Our blends are designed to your specific needs, to provides solution at a cost effective pricing.

Blends System

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Gelatine or Gelatin is a natural source of protein colloid, extracted from bovine source. The protein colloids from bovine, obtained by the partial hydrolysis of collagen derived from the skin or from the bone of bovine. The character of the gelatine is very versatile.
  • Gelatine dissolve in water quite easily when heated and solidied when cooled down.
  • It is thermo-reversible, the solidified gel can be melted upon heating and gel upon cooling.
  • The melting point is very close to the human body temperature, therefore, an excellent texturant for food product, as it develop a natural mouthfeel that melts in the mouth upon eating.

Gelatine is used for stabilising and thickening properties. Besides this, it has also an additional function of foaming property, which most texturant agent does not has.

Main application in confectionery like gummy, chewy candy, mashmallow, ice cream, bakeries and pharmaceutical application.                                              

Our Gelatine Bovine from Leverage Business Sdn Bhd, is halal Certified by JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia), the Malaysia Department of Islamic Development.

Bovine Gelatine 125 to 250 bloom Bakeries, confectionery & dessert
Fish Gelatine 200 to 250 bloom Bakeries, confectionery & dessert
Gelatine for Pharmaceutical 150 to 250 bloom Soft capsules, tableting
Gelatine Leaf GOLD Bakeries & dessert

Gelatine Powder / Gelatin Powder

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Texturant derived from natural, non animal base ingredients.  Suitable for vegetarian base formulation.

Each individual texturant has it own rheology behaviour and properties.                                         
Therefore, the selection of texturant to be used, depends on the understanding of these specific characteristic properties and also the processing condition.

Texturant provide solutions for thickening, stabilising and gelling function.


Gellan Gum

Locust Bean Gum or LBG

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Functional Dairy protein, next generation of dairy ingredient,  to improve quality and cost saving compare with conventional milk products like skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, milk proteins and other milk products.

Target application are ice cream, soft serve, yoghurts, cultured milk, neutral dairies, chocolate and bakeries.

Nollibel series Dairies - ice cream Improve texture, delayed meltdown and cost saving
Bianbel series Dairies products Emulsion stability & cost saving
Belka YT series Stirred yoghurt, set yoghurt Improve texture, creaminess and cost saving.
Belka DL series Drinking yoghurt, dairy drink Improve stability and cost saving.
Belka CB series Chocolate and bakery products Texture improvement, cost saving.
Belka DB series Instant coffee mix, chocolate and cereal Improve on the dairy and milky taste

Dairy Protein

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Soybean, a remarkable seed that has many versatile application due to its nutritional components of fats, protein and also carbohydrates.

Made from non-GMO soya bean, harvested in the exclusive area of Heilongjiang, China.

Soymilk Powder or Soy milk Powder Instant powder soymilk
Isolate Soy Protein (ISP) Protein drink
Textured soy Protein Meat


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Sugar substitute
A food additive, that can replace and provides a sweet taste like sugar(sucrose).

High Intense sweetener, provide a cost solution by substituting the sugar in the recipe. It has the benefits of no calories or low calories, for healthy alternative to sugar.

High Fructose Syrup
'High Fructose Syrup, provides an alternative to sugar (sucrose), for cost improvement, convenient to use and better flavour release, especially for fruity and acid flavour.'

Innoswet Beverage, instant powdered product and dessert
High Fructose Syrup F55 Maltitol Beverage, bakeries, dessert



High Fructose Corn Syrup F55

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Functional food is a food ingredient that provides health benefits, beyond a normal basic healthy diet required for human nutrition.
These ingredients provides benefits for specific human health management.

Elderberry Juice Powder

Blackcurrant Juice Powder

Tart Cherry Juice Powder

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PHYWON FOODSERVICE is a Food and Beverage provider.

Our products offers Convenience, Consistence and Creative food solution to you.

Food Service

Gelatine Leaf / Gelatine Sheet

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Strawberry Juice Powder

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